Battery Pack Nikon

Battery Pack Nikon
Nikon Camera battery camera coolpix charger light is blinking.?

I have a Nikon MH-62 Lithium Ion Battery Charger that charges my coolpix battery which is a Lithium Ion Battery Pack En-EL8 3.7V 730MAh. When i try to charge it i put the battery pack on the charger and it has a light and next to it is a word tht says charge and the light is orange when charging now suddenly the light blinks when i put the battery on charge. So my question is why is it blinking and is this bad?

– Tnx JAy

The blinking light is telling you that the battery is charging … within a few hours the light should become steady, telling you the batter is fully charged … is not that information in your camera owners manual? It is in mine. Page 31 in my D300’s User’s Manual.

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