Battery Panasonic Lumix

Battery Panasonic Lumix

The smart camera Fantastic purchase – Ideal for travel

Fantasic camera that packs many features into a small body with an optical zoom 12x can be up to 48x Digital Zoom added in "Normal Mode".

The digital zoom function is not available in the automatic mode intelligent but the "Normal Mode" (available on the mode selector dial) has many customizable features such as quality, sensitivity, white balance, AF Plus, Metering mode, Intelligent Exposure, min shutter speed and others.

After using the camera for a number of days that I can not fault. Has received very good reviews on the Internet from many places and seems to live up to all these so far.

Video recording can be done with any Modes of Motion JPEG and AVCHD Lite (producing Quicktime. mov). After trying to make films in both modes I can say so far that the AVCHD Lite produces better quality footage. It can take up to 15 minutes at a time and the manual recommends that you have a Class 6 SDHC card so that no error writing to the card memory. There is a dedicated hard button on the back of the camera so you can take pictures very quickly.

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Using the camera is very easy and the built in menus are very simple to use. There are 27 different modes to choose from, including fireworks, air, Baby, Food, Beach, Snow, Starry Sky (selectable shutter speeds up to 60 seconds), Sunset, candlelight, Sports, Landscape, Night Scene and Underwater (when used with optional underwater case) and others.

The buttons are very well built and the dial modes at the top is easy to use. Some comments from the Internet has stated that the wheel can be evicted so they can easily exit the current – this has occurred a couple of times when a case or pocket, but it is a serious problem at all, because you can only turn the dial back to the desired mode. By turning the dial you feel it "click" when moved slightly differently so that you can be sure which mode you are in. The LCD screen also displays what mode by turning the dial.

The camera comes very well packed in a small, neat box that contains all the usual accessories (battery, Wrist Strap, battery case, charger, AV cable, USB cable, printed instruction manual for the camera and the supplied software and a software CD). The camera does not come with case, screen protector, SDHC card or cable audio / video HDMI, but these can be purchased separately.

Overall I would give this camera 5 out of 5 and the powerful, compact zoom this camera makes a great travel and 25mm wide-angle lens makes a huge difference when taking pictures of the landscape.

There are many pictures that I and others owners have had to TZ7 are currently available in Flckr including a group dedicated to TZ7 photos so they can give you a very good idea of the strength of this camera.

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