Battery Pentax Optio

Battery Pentax Optio

A Water-Resistant Kids Digital Camera? Not for a TOYS Consider a Tough Grown Up Digital Camera!

Water-resistant  kids camera model also well-known as “Tough Kids” cameras are classically associated with the Fisher Price Kids Tough and VTech Kidizoom  Digital Cameras. Before buying one of these kind of cameras, however, one be supposed to seriously consider the qualities of using a appropriate adult digital camera. Not just any type, but a digital water-resistant and shockproof camera which can effectively double act as a tough waterproof kids camera.

The two current water-resistant Pentax digital camera models available are the Pentax Optio WS80 and the higher precise freeze proof, shock-resistant and water-resistant Pentax Optio W80.

The manufacturers designs of the water-resistant Pentax digital camera models WS80 and W80 means in a way that one does not have to be bothered about it getting moist or wet. Additionally, the tougher Pentax Optio W80 means that  it can endure the elements so that you  can really take it almost everywhere, whether be on snorkeling, snowboarding, or even in beach or up in a mountain.

Together of the two water-resistant Pentax Optio WS80 and W80 digital camera versions have a larger than average five times optical zoom. The WS80 comes with a 35 millimeters lens while the W80 has a wide-angled 28 millimeter lens. These cameras, shared with the 5 TIMES optical zoom that gives a GREAT FEXIBILITY for any kind of shooting situations.

Pentax Optio WS80 Features: Designed with features such as water-resistant to 1.5meters / 5feet, 10 megapixels sensor, 5x optical-zoom, 2.7 inches LCD screen and is one of the lightest water-resistant cameras at 105 grams without batteries or memory cards.

Pentax Optio W80 Features: Designed for toughness features such as water-resistant to 5meters / 16feet, shock-resistant dropped from 1meter / 3feet, freeze-proof to -10C / 14F, 12 megapixels sensor, 5x optical-zoom, 2.5 inches LCD screen and 28 millimeter wide-angle lens.

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