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Simplo Technology CEO Auto-promoted through Analysis of Li-ion Cell Biz

Leveraging its position as a major player in the sector Battery Lithium-ion, FH Sung, president and CEO of Simplo Technology Co., Ltd., recently launched his company `s strength and capacity in the VE (vehicle electricity) business lithium-ion battery to a delegation of about 100 executives of all major automakers in China, during a recent conference on the Cross-Strait cooperation and exchange in the car (including battery energy storage) Industry, held Nov. 23-25, 2009 in Taipei International Convention Center, as well as to analyze in detail the current industry EV lithium-ion batteries, while expressing his ambition to take the lead in the electric segment, the duplication of efforts Simplo `s in the global notebook PC lithium-ion batteries.

Hurdles remain
With many more technical hurdles to clear and external variables, Sung said, EV batteries still need to meet many strict requirements, such as improved safety, faster recharging, more charge cycles or longer battery life, lower self-discharge, greater power density, higher energy density and affordability to be more popular.

the lithium-ion makers around the world are aggressively trying to find individual solutions to meet the above requirements, reflecting its confidence in the promising potential of the batteries of this type in the next 10 to 20 years.

Optimal solutions are mainly drawn from choosing the right materials for anodes of lithium ion batteries different. materials for the anode current EV batteries included LiMn2O4 now, LiFePO4 and LiCo1-x-yNixMnyO2 or the call of three elements, Sung said, with the first two are used more often for EV battery anodes, with latter more than portable consumer electronics, while most cathode materials are graphite-based.

Each anode material has a particular structure, characteristics and advantages, "continued the president. For example, LiFePO4 has better thermal stability than LiMn2O4, but relatively energy lower volume density per unit weight and energy density per unit: 130-279 Wh / L and 80-130 WH / kg versus 250-320 Wh / L and 100-150 WH / kg. In addition, he said, LiFePO4 ordered-olivine structure and the second structure of the spinel.

"As a leading supplier of lithium ion worldwide, Simplo has proved virtually all energy cells through companies around the world, "said Sung" and we know what works well according to customers' needs and specifications. "

Sung said the market for lithium-ion batteries is mainly dominated by manufacturers in five countries: U.S. firms as A123, Johnson `s control, EnerDel, Boston Power etc as BYD mainland Chinese manufacturers, Amperex Technology, Tianjin Lishan battery, BAK, Coslight, ATL, etc; Japanese companies like Toshiba, Panasonic, Sanyo Sony, NEC etc; South Koreans as LGC, SBL, etc., and Taiwan as Larry, Amita Technologies, Molicel, Phoenix, etc. International Silicon

Not for everyone
"The current market for lithium-ion is haphazard and chaotic, with many smaller firms to participate in the game without compliance with unified specifications, sizes and levels of performance, "Sung said." Simplo be a packer of the battery instead of cell manufacturer, I believe that only 10% of manufacturers existing cells will survive. Fans can not make good batteries, especially at night, as the business calls for large investments and technologies vanguard. "

There are many challenges for manufacturers of mobile EV-power, Sung said, and the game is one of attrition, with potentially very lucrative returns for recalcitrant.

Saying that the EV battery market is a maze of smallpox disadvantages would be an understatement. In addition to the aforementioned problems, the market also faces other challenges as excessive cell types that cause low consistency and mutual support, huge gaps in product quality and durability; High start product development, certification and production line costs and low efficiency and production flexibility. Moreover, the cost of production stubbornly high prevents the lithium-ion batteries are becoming popular, which is compounded by many kinds of anode materials that are difficult to package the batteries.

"The fundamental way to fully exploit the great potential EV market power cell is standardization," said Sung, urging all makers point to that direction, especially to normalize the anode and cathode materials, sizes and packaging. Only the normalization of power can be improved cell performance, the responsibility for achieving economies of scale in production, clearly outside the equipment and manufacturing costs and stabilize quality. "

Skills All-round criticism
Sung believes that suppliers of battery-will play an increasingly vital role in EV industry because it will solve not only the energy storage capacity but also questions of technology management for electric vehicles energy more efficient, safe and affordable.

"To have a battery capable packer in the EV market is critical," Sung said, "because the player must have the expertise to find and select the appropriate cells to power batteries for EV makers, large capacity to design and develop custom batteries for electric vehicles used in different conditions, and production techniques to make batteries high efficiency and quality. "And continuing as any smart businessman who never far from the main goal of connecting one` s own operations, Sung said, " Simplo is expected to increase to the growing challenges in the EV battery business, the company has vast experience of having delivered hundreds of millions of packages Battery for various industrial applications, is internationally certified, and works very automated production lines for quality assurance and control costs. "

Also a truly viable battery supplier must be able to provide energy solutions for electric vehicles Powerful, including 24V or 36V electric bicycles, electric scooters 36V/48V, HEV, electric vehicles 144V-336V, 336V to 385V battery vehicles electrical, and 570V to 660V and-buses.

Battery Optimization
"Optimal solutions hinge on the battery-management system Battery or BMS and should be developed by the packers of the battery on the basis of knowledge related to various types of cells use energy agreement 'demands customers, while taking into account the cost / performance. In addition, a qualified battery packaging must have a thorough knowledge of the CAN / LIN BUS communication EV compatibility with other systems (excluding e-bike), while the protection and development of system heat dissipation and shaft power are equally important. "

Being idealistic, Sung said: "The time to develop the VE industry division consolidated workforce, so that firms can find niches key to gain competitiveness in other words, a global supply chain. "

As Sung, a wide EV supply chain includes at least four links: equipment manufacturers to become anode and cathode materials, insulation boards, electrolytes, electrodes etc., phone manufacturers to manage all stages of cell production, packaging and inspection; suppliers of batteries to handle cell test / certification, selection, BMS design, module design / certification durability, module production / inspection product safety certification / etc failure analysis, and those responsible for VE to manage systems integration, assembly of the propulsion system, vehicle assembly or certificate.

Rounding out the promotion, Sung said Simplo operates two facilities in China-battery, with each capable of supplying EV battery packs in small volume but great variety. Once the achievement of economies of scale in production, Sung emphasized that you can set Simplo production lines of car batteries' factories or joint ventures, believing that the cooperation strategy can build win-win situation for Simplo and EV makers to advance the development of the EV industry.

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