Battery Sony Camcorder

Battery Sony Camcorder

Charge Sony InfoLithium rechargeable Camcorder Batteries

How to Charge Sony InfoLithium Camcorder Batteries?

Most camcorders use batteries that are rechargeable, because of the amount of power they consume.Sony’s InfoLithium camcorder batteries retain a charge longer than regular camcorder batteries because of the Lithium inside of them. When the batteries on your camcorder run out of power, you will need to recharge them in order to use it again.

1?Place the InfoLithium camcorder batteries inside your Sony Camcorder. Or, if the camcorder cannot charge batteries or the camcorder isn’t available, place the batteries in the charger. Be sure to place the batteries in the position showed on the battery charger or camcorder.

2?Plug the camcorder or charging device into a power outlet. Note any lights or LEDs that appear on the charger or camcorder. This indicates whether or not the batteries are charging.

3?Remove the batteries when the light changes from blinking to solid or if it changes colors. This signifies that the recharging is complete.

Things You’ll Need:

  • InfoLithium-compatible Camcorder or charger
  • Power outlet

Tips & Warnings

  • Always keep a spare set of batteries handy for an emergency.
  • Let your batteries completely run out before recharging to ensure maximum life for your battery.

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