Battery Sony Ccd

Battery Sony Ccd
People with expertise on camcorders please…?

I am wanting to get an HD camcorder to primarily record short films on and would like some advice on which one to get. I am looking at about a maximum of £800 to spend. I’ve been told that I should idealy be looking for one with…

A touch screen
More than just a USB connection
Decent Battery life
1 or 3 CMOS sensors, not CCD.

Anything else I should be looking for?
Can anyone link me to a good camera?
Been looking at this one…

Thankyou very much

I agree with Pon. All you really need is for the format to be MiniDV, make sure the camera is 3CCD, have a manual focus and around 3+ Mega Pixels.

I would suggest the Panasonic NV-GS230. BUT, it isn’t Hi-Def. but I am finding it to work really well. It makes nice videos, and it is on my ‘To Recommend’ List. It is even quite cheap – as I got it for around £300-£400. But it may have come down in price now.

Unfortunately, the site I bought it from no longer stock it, but I have just searched on there, and have found a Sony Hi def. Camcorder (3CCD, 3.2 Mega pixels, and it is MiniDV) It is called the Sony Hdr HC9E. It can be found at the same site I bought mine from. The link will be in the ‘Source’.

Hope this has helped 🙂

Sony CCD-TR940 Hi8 XR Stereo camcorder first test