Battery Sony Dcr

Battery Sony Dcr
Why does my Sony DCR-DVD305 Camcorder keep turning off?

I purchased a new Sony DCR-DVD305 Camcorder and a Li-ion Battery to go with it. Everytime I turn it on to try to use it (or rather, turn it on to try to learn how to use it), it turns off automatically within about 10 seconds after I’ve turned it on. Right before it automatically shuts off, the screen turns blue and says in white lettering, “Purchase the InfoLithium Battery Pack.” There is also a message in white lettering in the upper right hand corner that flashes, “C:04:00.” Does anyone know what is going on and moreover, how I can actually keep the power on long enough to use this camera? I am admittedly not a technology-oriented person, so perhaps I’m not doing something very basic here.

Thanks for your assistance!

your battery might not be any good…i would exchange it at the store and try a new one…old batteries won’t hold their charge.

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