Battery Sony Digital

Battery Sony Digital
Can any memory card, battery, etc. work with Sony Digital Cameras?

I’m buying a sony Digital Camera soon, and I just want to know if they can take any other brand [you know,sandisk and stuff like that] memory cards. I’m not sure if the sony products are ONLY compatible with sony accessories.

I have a Sony Digital Camera and they are fully compatible with sandisk and lexar memory sticks – as long as you get the right type. You can get other batteries but are often not as good – I have a Hahnel one as a back up but always use the main sony one first as it has a better life.

UPDATE: People below are talking rubbish – you just have to get the memory STICK versions – either normal or pro – both of these are made by the companies I listed above and work perfectly. Sony is the only one that uses memory sticks and not cards – they look like old stlye chewing gum pieces.

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