Battery Sony Hdr

Battery Sony Hdr
Deciding what camcorder to get, interested in personal reviews!?

Hi, I was wondering what is a good HD camcorder these days.
So far my favorite has been the:

Sony HD Camcorder HDR-CX7

Mainly because it is lightweight, uses OIS, and seems to have good quality. I also like the fact that it runs on memory stick, because i believe it uses less battery and is lighter than other things. Most likely will buy 8gb memory stick or SD card for whatever other camcorder. I would like input on how good this camcorder is. What are other good camcorders comparable to this and is on the same price range of about $1000. The camcorder will most likely be used for taking film in various conditions. Thanks in advance!

You may not have to spend too much. Sanyo makes small HD camcorders that record on SD cards for $500-700 and Aiptek has one now for about $200. Here’s a link:

Bluetooth Camera Mic and Wide-Angle Lens