Black Case Canon

Black Case Canon

Canon Digital Cameras Showing Black Images or Distorted Images

This problem can be corrected by the canon for free if you have the above symptoms. But before reading further, first verify that not only accidentally turn off the LCD. To check, turn on the camera and press DISPLAY "or" DISP "button once. Another thing to check is that the images can sometimes be caused by black stuck a shot. Continue reading below, but if your camera is not on the list of affected cameras, see this other article for free fixing a stuck trigger.

Potential symptoms also Purple may include distorted to appear on the LCD monitor and pictures of the camera. Other reported symptoms can be extremely distorted images (a reader of compared with the film "The Grudge"). Or black and white images or black videos with good sound is recorded in the flash card from the camera. You may suspect the camera shutter is not opening, but this is not the case. Note that the functions of the camera's menu should appear with no problem.

A large batch of CCD image sensors potentially faulty (from another vendor who shall remain nameless) were installed in a large number of Canon cameras in the space of a few years. The sensors can go bad prematurely over time, especially if you live in humid areas. A big thumbs up to Canon recognized this problem and are willing to fix the camera for free if you have symptoms CCD problem, especially for shipping and handling both ways :-). In memory advice This is regardless of the status of the security cameras! I recently got an old A300 fixed this way. They will not ask for receipts or anything like that.

Remember its the camera should be experiencing these symptoms due to a failure of the CCD, and not because of other problems. If the problem is due to the fall of the camera, you could be out of luck. Note that in search of dings and dents. It also will not repair your camera just to change the sensor. If the camera is working well, is not necessary (and not) fix.

The list of Digital Cameras problems are: A40, A60, A70, A75, A80, A85, A95, A300, A310, S1 IS, S60, S200, S230, S330, S400, S410, S500, SD100, SD110, V2/300/400/430/500 IXUS, Ixy Digital 200a/300a/400/450/500

Canon advisory list details the program can be found at:

You will be directed to call 1-800-828-4040 for more help. Or if you prefer, you can contact Canon via email to Be sure to print out the above advice and have it on hand to talk to the customer service representative. State the problem you're experiencing with the camera. If for some reason it starts to sound like they want you to pay for shipping or repairs, make sure you know are aware of the advice for your camera, and I quote the following paragraph of the warning:

"With immediate effect, regardless of the condition warranty, Canon will repair for free, the products listed above exhibiting the above-mentioned failure if Canon determines that the failure is caused by the image sensor CCD. Canon will also cover the cost of shipping and handling in connection with this repair. "

You should receive several e-mails Canon. It includes a short repair evaluation form should include with the camera, along with a UPS shipping label without your print and tape to shipping box of the camera. In addition to the Canon repair form, be sure to print a copy of this informative document and included in the package. Also include a brief note stating that you are aware of the warning, and that you are sending the camera for free repair under the notice. Just drag the box any drop off at UPS point.

If instead of the above will receive an email that implies that it is their responsibility to manage the delivery and Or pay for the repair, the response back again quoting immediately above, from advice, and also include the link above for advice in your email.

A major note. Some readers have been reporting that Canon had offered as a replacement for a renewed "update" of the camera, but at an inflated price. Not sure what it is, but if this happens, we recommend turning them down. The improvements that have been reported appear to be higher model cameras at prices much higher than the going price on ebay. Recommend pressing and demanding the enactment of free repair advice with free shipping in their old camera. If you are offered a replacement, but must also be free.

Another reminder to owners of houses that are not listed on the notice list of camera problem, not even other Canon cameras. If your camera does not appear in the list above drawback of the cameras and taking pictures black, there is good probability that the camera is undergoing a shot hit. Do not worry, as there are some simple fixes for this, although it may be a temporary fix. Please read this article instead of some tips on how to take off that shutter.

Hope this helps some of you out there. Canon actually makes good cameras and support their products. Please remember to come back and leave a comment below on how things went. We are all curious, and your comments may help others!

And finally, these videos can help you understand what you're getting with this free repair of the UNCCD. A SD100 (IXUS II) is the camera being repaired. Do not try this at home (I know you will).

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