Black Case Foam

Black Case Foam
Photo mounting/printing

this question is extremely amateur, but here goes:
how in the world do photographers get their photos printed onto that Black Foam core-looking material?? I understand that you can “mount” photos, but doesn’t that mean the photo is just sort of tacked onto the foam board? In which case, that’s not what I want…. I would like the photo to appear as though it had been printed on to the board. Do you have to find a specialist who can print directly onto the board, then? If so, what is this process called/ how would I find someone who can do this?

Essentially, I do not want to frame my photos, I want them to be printed onto a board (sort of like the canvas gallery wrap, but without the canvas material) and ready to mount.

Hi Lucky

You have the low and hack tack foam available depending on what you plan to use it for. The low tack can be repositioned but the high tack, has to be worked from the center and moving towards the edge. This is the ideal for posters.

Here is a link:

Then you have the primed and unprimed canvas which is probably what you are looking for if it has to be gallery quality.

5.11 Tactical Double Rifle Case from US Cavalry