Black Case Kodak

Black Case Kodak
KODAK 5300 Printer: New Black Ink Cartridge – still prints super-faded?

…almost like I have a low-on-black-ink cartridge in. My brightness is currently at -1, which worked great when the last black ink cartridge was in. I ran the “Clean Print Head” function from the printer – still the same result. I also made sure that the cartridge was properly installed also. I’m stuck on other solutions – PLEASE HELP.

I’ve asked this question before and only got ONE suggestion…which turns out it wasn’t the case. The suggestion was that it was a faulty print cartridge. Well, I bought another one and installed it, calibrated, cleaned the print heads (both basic and deep clean), and still the same results. Whoever can figure this one out is indeed a printer juggernaut. PLEASE HELP.
Wasn’t the “Draft” idea. Was already set to “Best”.

Some printers have ink cartridges with separate heads. Replacing the ink won’t help if the heads are clogged. Cleaning might not unclog them either. You might need to have them removed and cleaned or replaced.

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