Black Digital Shoulder

Black Digital Shoulder

Digital Concepts Tr-62n: a tripod Pro Quality at a bargain price

With the summer to us, is a great time to take pictures. Whether you prefer color or black and white, there is no issue better than the beautiful greenery of Mother Nature in an explosion.

To capture the best pictures possible, I've been using a tripod This year, the first time in my photography hobby five years. And I love it. Not knowing what to expect, I decided to buy a very cheap tripod (Http:// The Digital Concepts TR-62N cost me about $ 25, and so far has been a great investment.

Opening the box, I found the tripod in a compact black vinyl that measures about 23 inches long. The case of vinyl had an adjustable Hand Strap, and can be easily over your shoulder. The entire unit weighs less than 3 pounds.

The Digital Concepts TR-62N is an attractive style tripod with telescoping aluminum legs covered with rubber feet rotate. Each leg has two telescoping segments, easily locked and unlocked by throwing a lever. The action is smooth and easy.

The tripod head is composed mostly of black plastic, except foam rubber grips on the top of the legs.

A really clean feature that surprised me to find on a tripod at this price are two bubble level indicators. The first bubble indicator is located at the top one of the legs, while the second level indicator at the base of the mount of the camera.

The legs extend to a length of 60 inches, and the unit is very stable at full height. I used the tripod with my trusty old Canon Digital Rebel, with whom he worked splendidly.

For about $ 25, the Digital Concepts TR-62N is a professional quality tripod all novice and intermediate photographers to consider.

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