Black Pink Camera

Black Pink Camera
how can i peel the sticker off my new camera?

I received a pink Digital Camera for christmas but it has a green/white/black sticker on it that’s fairly big. It clashes with the pink and has been put on slightly wonky.

It’s just a sticker stating the megapixels, zoom etc.

I would like to take it off but i do not want it to leave sticky stuff.. does anyone know how i can take it off without harming the pink colour or surface, or shall i just not bother?

Well, if you received it for Christmas, the sticker should be new enough that the sticky gunk should come off with the sticker.

If the sticky residue is left on the camera and you do not want to scrape and risk damaging the pink surface, try using a hair dryer. The heat will heat up/soften the sticker glue and should be able to be removed easier.

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