Black Slr Camera

Black Slr Camera
Is the Canon Eos Rebel 2000 35mm Slr Camera a black and white Film Camera?

How do you tell the difference between a black-and-white film camera and a Digital Camera?

The other answers are right, but none of them (when I read it) tell you how to tell what kind of camera you’ve got.

The Eos Rebel 2000, and any camera that says “35mm,” is a film camera, not a digital camera. Just about every digital ever made has a screen on the back, so if there’ no screen, you’re probably looking at a film camera.

But yeah, there’s no such thing as a “black and white” camera, that I know of. All Digital Cameras are color, and all film cameras just depend on what kind of film you put in.

The only kinds of camera I can think of that comes in “black and white” are video cameras.

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