Black Soft Case

Black Soft Case
Want to roller set my coarse, thick hair (I’m black) but afraid it’ll be frizzy in the morning. What to do?

I have thick, long, coarse textured hair. I don’t have a relaxer (perm) anymore cuz I let it grow out, but want to try a roller set. Below are the products I have/use:

Magnetic rollers w/holes–Lg. size black and med. size green
Perm Repair Moisture Treatment Lotion
IsoPlus Wrap/Setting Lotion {Spray Bottle}
Mane-N-Tail Shampoo & Conditioner
Pink Oil Sheen Spray
African Pride Hair & Scalp Treatment

After I wash, condition, and comb out the tangles, how do I roll my hair? I want soft bouncy curls that will stay, but I am afraid it’ll dry out and I’ll have a major case of frizz.

I live in a cold climate (Midwest USA) so I’m not sure if this will/won’t affect may hair.

Also, in case it helps, I use a soft hood dryer. Normally takes me about 3-4 hours drying time. I am just scared I’ll go from curls to ‘fro and have to carry an emergency scrunchie (LOL).

If someone could let me know which products to use in which order, that would be great.

Thank you all (-:

Ok, after you wash & comb your hair, apply your Wrap setting lotion to the wet hair (I like to dilute mine otherwise sometimes hair comes out crispy).
part your hair into three sections like one in the middle of your brows all the way back to the nape of your neck. I then like to start from the middle back and go all the way to the front. but when you get to the front three rollers, reverse direction going away from your face (this will help the hair stay straight)
after you do the sides and sit underneath the drier, grease your scalp LIGHTLY and the ends of your hair.
IT IS CRUCIAL THAT YOU PUT HAIR INTO A HIGH PONYTAIL now after it is done. Take the hair that is out and lightly wrap it around the holder in the direction of the curl pattern.
Now wrap your whole head with a silk scarf and go to bed.

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