Black Usa

Black Usa
which is the rarest form interracial relationships involving black girls in Usa?

i think black women/white american men couples, in fact i never seen one and i live in LA and i lived in Nyc and DC. while i’ve seen a lot of black girls with hispanic guys and a few with asian ones. also the rare times i heard on the net of bf/wm couples the men is always foreign born.
lurkain where do you live?

The rarest one is between black women and Asian men. It’s the rarest interracial coupling period. It’s strange that you’ve seen more of other interracial relationships than of black women and white men. Where I live (Canada) I mostly see black women with white men or with Arabs. Never Asian and the Hispanic population is very small here.

“The inevitable flip side of the lack of interracial marital opportunities felt by black women and Asian men is that black men and Asian women find themselves more in demand as spouses.

Black-Asian couples, such as the one that produced golfer Tiger Woods, are still rare, but they are even more unbalanced than interracial pairings involving whites. There were 6.15 times more couples where the husband was black and the wife was Asian than where the husband was Asian and the wife black.”

Black women rarely intermarry whatever the other person’s race is. White men are more likely to go for whites and Asians, as statistics show and according to what we see for ourselves.

It doesn’t matter whether black women intermarry or not. Mutual attraction and friendship are probably what most women look for in a man, not his race.

In Living Color – Miss Black Person USA