Blue Nylon

Blue Nylon
Does anyone know how to dye nylon stockings white Capezio a royal blue with rit dye correctly.

I tried the method of washing machine (not enough dark) and the type of stove (did dye penetrates well, looks kind of marble), and have even added salt, according to the instructions rit. "I can dye revert to the mean or do I have to start over with a new pair of white? Help.

Capezio reccomends using a darker shade than the desired tone. of real, i assume it would be armed. then try the method of the washing machine again, and should be all good. if you are using any of the ultra Capezio (All styles except # 14, 14C, 140, 140C, 145, 145C and all Capezio fishnet stockings) salt is bad for the fibers, and that could make the marble look you have on the stove.

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