Built Battery Grip

Built Battery Grip
Are you proud of what you or your spouse/lover/partner do?

I’m a stay at home mom of 2 kids, Garrett and Kadynce and I love every minute of them. Hubby co-owns a steel business with his dad that does a bunch of maintenance on oil derricks around western Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle. He pattened a pull back “thingy” for pulling back pipe up top of the rig (I think he called a Bully Grip) and is also putting the same stuff used for truck bed on the rigs for better foot traction for the men in bad weather. He also builds metal storage buildings and carports. Hes always gone and comes home late but I’m proud of him just the same. Wouldn’t have what we do without the hard work he does! I just had to share what my man does and how proud I am of him. Care to share yours?

And don’t make fun of the desperateness, hes gone ALL the time…what do you expect when the battery drawer gets low? 😉

My husband works his butt off all day at a disgusting plant with idiots so that people can eat pork.

The pay is great for the area we live in, but he’s still grossly underpaid if you ask me for the amount of hard work he puts into it and he works in a field that is constantly underappreciated and criticized by society.

They fight PETA all the time and constantly have to defend themselves against people who say the animals aren’t treated fairly or they’re cold heartless brutes who don’t care about the rights of swine, etc.

He’s a good man. He just forgets some important days sometimes.

Canon 7D Battery Grip BG-E7