Cable Shutter Release

Cable Shutter Release
Why do I love my new Nikon d40x?

Intrest free, TV ads for d40x, I kind of impulse bought, stuff & left. I have a good range, of 35mm equipment, my favourite is
my Nikon FA with some beautiful lenses, bellows & filters. They are all fungus free, fixed focal length & anyway I can’t use them. My old flash units are not recomended. No hole for a electronic or cable release. Well I am a bit out of touch, new to computers, Digital Cameras & the century, so when I viewed my first images, I was blown away. What a fun tool! it feels like my first SLR & I am thrilled. I have since bought a Remote Shutter Release. Camera armour looks good, is it? Any feed back? pro’s & con’s? What could I have bought, had I thought.
I havn”t read a photo mag for decades, how about a flash?
PS: I do have a credit limit.
there is great list in the manual, most say do not use,failure to observe this precaution could result in damage to camera & the lady at the camera shop said so.

sb is the flash for nikon he bigger the number the more grunt and hence price,,,,a sb400 should do you

you cant use the old lenses why? not up to manual focus? thats all i can geuss

yes they are a loverly little beast – d40


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