Camcorder Bag

Camcorder Bag
Does Anyone recommend any accessories for my camcorder ?

I own a Canon HF Vixia 200. This is my very first camcorder for filming and recording. I was wondering What are some accessories that are compatible? What are lense filters for? What are Telescopes? Any equipment I should get for a high school student aspiring as a filmmaker ? What are some cool tricks I can do? What type of bag I should get for it ?

First thing get a good tripod, something that move smoothly, then a external mic, There are many different types of lens filters, depending on what you want to do, a polarising filter is useful reducing glare.

have a look at and go to video. there area some useful tips.

Some of the greatest effects you can do is at first keep your video simple, to many people add effect after effect (trick camera shots) and it destroys the story. watch TV especially documenteries, try to work out how the camera man creates the scene, and try it yourself.

There are two thoughts here.. one you get yourself a nice case with good padding and loads of pockets for your cleaning stuff, filters, extra batteries, that advertises here is a camera take me!!!!!!!!!
As I do especially if I am filming around loads of people. I have a old Back Pack, I have put some foam in it, they come with plenty of pockets, but they just look like an old bag and do not attract attention.

A guy I film with, uses his daughters “my little pony” back pack, OK he gets funny looks but Who is going to bother even looking at a bag like that.

Hope that helps


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