Camcorder Case Bag

Camcorder Case Bag

10 ways to make better movies with your camcorder

While most families own high-end camcorders than ever before, does not necessarily mean that larger home movies are actually shot. By contrast, even though the cameras have become easier to use and have much higher resolutions their predecessors, people still can not seem to figure it out.

With our friends directorially-challenged in mind, we present the following list of tips essential to get the most from your camcorder.

Tips to make better movies with your camcorder:

1. Remove the lens cap. Just kidding! Our first tip is actually using the manual focus option if offered in the camera. Manual focus allows obtain sharper images through your video without experiencing blurred vision that occurs when an auto-focus yourself time to readjust.

2. Keep the sun behind you. When shooting video outdoors, always make sure that the sun is behind your back. This will help greatly reduce glare and "white-out" caused by the brightness of the source of natural light.

3. Craft a plan. A Unless you are capturing most of the events now stimulation, why not plan what you will shoot? This will help maintain a firmer hand as they move all the shots, and do not forget to include anyone or anything that you intend to capture on film.

4. Do not fall in love with the zoom. Yes, we know that is a zoom of the most fun of the camcorder, but that does not entitle you to create a 3D movie amateur every time you shoot something. Choose a long zoom ONCE in your shot and stick with it. Do not want to be the delivery of Dramamine for its premiere.

5. Keep movement to a minimum. Even steadiest of hands will cause an interruption of the image when you start moving the camera. We are aware Some movements are inevitable, but try to stick to the tri-pod as much as possible.

6. Always use a tripod. See previous footnote. A tripod is really a sound "consistent" investment for the amateur filmmaker.

7. Stop "rooting" around. There are those among us who think they are next to Fellini (but caught fire families Chuck E Cheese). Consequently, faced by all in the quest for the perfect angle from which to shoot. Stick with the basics – shooting from the areas directly in front of (or beside) the subject and can not go wrong.

8. Be natural. Try to stay unnoticed when video recording friends and family. You want your subjects to act naturally, and waving your arms around like crazy and telling everyone to "smile and say something" will not create lasting memories.

9. Keep a battery spare on hand. Nothing kills faster than a release of a camera with a dead battery. Upload a spare and keep it in your Camera Bag emergencies.

10. Record in widescreen. If your camera offers widescreen shooting, and has a high range of TV in the home, advantage of both. Shooting in widescreen allows you to capture the subject in his most majestic!

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