Camera Bag Case

Camera Bag Case

Seven things you should take the Camera Bags

If you are an avid photographer, you probably have at least two camera bags adapted to the specific needs of day or event you are photographing. While almost no bag can contain everything, there are some items found in bags most of the camera in those days. If you want to protect your computer, get some great shots and having the right tools to cope with unexpected changes attention and putting these elements into consideration in their own bags.

1. Extra batteries and / or a battery charger. You may think your camera has a lot of battery life left, but you do not want to know what is wrong when you're shooting a wedding or you are watching a spectacular sunset. Additional batteries are your best bet, but a charger is a good idea, so if you know you will have access to a power source.
2. The memory card. The camera can store hundreds of photos, but more than one photographer has had an unexpected opportunity to pop. Not condemned to brood about the vaccine that ran away because you run out of memory in a planned photo shoot and then move to a perfect opportunity to catch some action sequences. It is sufficient to a grown many cry to realize the lack of memory is the only thing between him and the photo of a lifetime. camera bags have plenty of space for one or two memory cards. They just do not take up much space.
3. Good lens cloth. How many pictures have been disappointed by dust, pollen, fingerprints or moisture on the lens camera? Nothing cleans a lens properly, but a superior lens quality cloth. Be sure to put two or three in one corner of each of their camera bags, so is never without them.
4. Mini tripod. Action shots, changing light conditions and the need to bring are just some of the reasons you might want a mini tripod. You can find some robust models that can easily be combined with the average sized camera bags under 100 dollars.
5. Plastic bags or a Rain Cover. There are actually cold chamber covers you can use on days of rain or drizzle, but a plastic bag with a hole for the Camera Lens works just as well. You'll love having plastic protection available when you surf photography, taking pictures in environments wet, or even standing near a fountain. Not all photo opportunities anticipated. Do not miss a shot because you left your rain cover only one of its other camera bags.
6. Desiccant. This is the drying agent often found at the bottom of the bottles of pain relievers. You can buy the desiccant pads food stores of the camera or go cheap and stealing several bottles of aspirin and vitamin. Mix the desiccant in the bottom of the camera to avoid bags moisture to accumulate in them.
7. Extra lenses. Never assume that you will not need a special lens. You may have scheduled to shoot some very specific images, but you should also expect the unexpected. Whenever you have some space in your Camera Bag, an extra lens or two will give you more range and great opportunities for the only shots.

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