Camera Battery Charger

Camera Battery Charger

Points to Remember in Using a Digital Camera Battery

A digital Camera Battery is by far the most important and powerful tool in your camera. Your camera’s image quality, zoom performance, memory card and megapixels are zilch if your camera isn’t operational. And this is where the Digital Camera Battery comes in. Here are a few key points to ponder when buying and using your batteries.

1. Always carry extra batteries.

How many times have you had to stop a photo shoot because you ran out of batteries? The only solution is to carry loads of extra batteries so that you can avoid this situation. Cameras consume battery power quickly so bringing extra batteries is imperative. You don’t want the perfect sunset to get away from you because of empty batteries, do you?

2. Use rechargeable batteries

The cost alone of using regular batteries is astronomical if you use your camera everyday. It is better if you use a Rechargeable Digital Camera battery because it is more cost-effective and can be re-used. Besides, buying a charger and four rechargeable batteries is less expensive in the long run.

3. Switch off your camera when you’re not using it.

Since your camera eats the energy of your digital camera battery, it is only sensible for you to turn it off when you’re not using it. Don’t leave it on when you’re just sitting idly to conserve the power of your battery. Of course, this tip would not apply if you have a compulsion to shoot everything within the vicinity.

4. Refrain from constant playback.

Although it’s great to see the results of your pictures after taking them, it is better to save the viewing time until after the photo shoot. Constant playback consumes the digital camera battery’s power.

5. Don’t use different types and brands at the same time.

So that you won’t damage your camera, do not insert different types and brands of batteries into your camera. Batteries have dissimilar levels of energy so it is not wise to use different types at the same time. You also have to make sure that the batteries have matching powers because one battery could be exhausted first than the other. Your camera would be useless when this happens.

6. Extract batteries from your camera when you’re not using it.

This is important, especially if you won’t use your camera for months. It eliminates the possibility of battery leakage, which could damage your camera forever.

7. Do not let your digital camera battery get wet.

Remember that water, even water vapor can impair your batteries. So you have to be very careful when you are near water or you’re taking a photo of waterfalls. Make sure that you are a few feet away when taking pictures of running water unless your camera has underwater housing.

Taking care of your batteries is actually just common sense. Take extra care and guard them from nature’s elements so they won’t destroy your camera too. With proper protection, your batteries would remain useful for a long time, giving you more opportunities to capture picture-perfect moments.

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