Camera Body Cover

Camera Body Cover
How much would be a fair price for this camera and equipment?

CANON T-70 SLR 35 MM Film Camera, comes complete with ALL of the following: T-70 SLR BODY + protective Cover Case + straps, 4 Lenses + caps, Dedicated electronic flash + case, assorted colored flash lenses, (standard canon 50mm, 75-200mm zoom macro, 28mm wide angle, 2X teleconverter) This camera is in Excellent condition, takes amazing professional photos, and all lenses have no scratches whatsoever! There is no dirt or dust on anything. I am a Professional Photographer and keep my equipment in mint condition. This is a pefect camera kit for beginnners or photography students, as the camera has full automatic or full manual features. FREE BONUS! 2 point and shoot 35mm film cameras included with this package! Both of these cameras come with autofocus, auto flash, RED EYE reduction, auto rewind, DX encoding, straps. One of these cameras comes with Date back, and Japan optics. All this stuff would easily retail for $1500 or more
I want serious evaluations please. 10 points for best bid

One way to find the value of things is to use eBay’s advanced search (just to the right of the usual search box) then check the Completed Listings box and click search.

EBay UK revealed just two Canon T70 had been listed recently one didn’t have a bid at £25.00 and another with Speedlight and lenses sold for £50.00 check it out here|65%3A13|39%3A1|240%3A1318

You have to bear in mind that eBay is the ‘sight unseen’ price and you would do better in a dedicated camera auction, but you would have to pay large commissions.

The problem with Canon gear is it can’t be used on a Canon DSLR due to Canon’s lamentable backwards compatibility, Nikon and other makes fetch higher prices because they can.

Separating the items will usually yield a better price overall, but old Canon gear, great cameras as they were, don’t yield anything like their true worth, you might be better just holding on to it, or use it in a part exchange.


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