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Camera Canon Lens
What lens should I purchase for my new Canon Xsi Slr Camera?

I recently purchased a Canon Xsi Dslr Camera. However, I only want to purchase one lens for this camera but I am confused on what to purchase. I was looking at a 18-200 or 18-135 lens but want to get feedback on what to get. I only want one lens! I heard Tamron, Canon and Sigma make good lenses but I am torn. THanks!

If you are set on only one lens, you could do lots worse than the Tamron 18-270. It has a huge range and also image stabilization, which helps a bunch at the longer focal lengths. It is designed for the cropped sensor cameras such as you XSi. I have the earlier 18-250 lens on my older Canon D60 and am reasonably satisfied with it.


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