Camera Case Kodak

Camera Case Kodak
How to take closeup photos of metallic surfaces with a Kodak Easyshare camera while reducing glare?

I’ve come across some very old metalware with what appear to be sterling hallmarks, and I’m trying to get photos of them with my Kodak Easyshare Camera, but either I can’t get close enough to get any detail, or I get too close and the detail is blurry, and in both cases I’m having trouble with glare from the flash bouncing off the metallic surface and totally obscuring the detail. Is there a way to cut back on the glare while still being able to get a photo of the detail and/or get close enough to photograph the detail without blurring it?

For glare: first, if you’re using flash, turn it off. If the flash is off and you’re still getting glare you’ll need to soften the light. The ideal thing to do this would be a silk diffusion tent. I’m gonna guess that you don’t have one and suggest that you light the subject with a few desk lamps coming from different directions in order to minimize shadows. Put a white silk shirt (or a cotton t-shirt if that’s all you have) over the lamps to prevent the harsh glare of a bare bulb.

For blur: Put the camera in macro mode and zoom in. Go as close as you can without getting blurry and take that shot. If it’s still not close enough you’ve reached the limitations and will have to crop the image on the computer to get closer to the detail.

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