Camera Case Powershot

Camera Case Powershot
Pricing on a camera for a yard sale?

I’m having a yard sale in about a week and would like to sell my Canon Powershot A400 and its printer. The camera still works beautifully, though there are a few scratches and smudges on the casing. The printer is like new; I only used it once, and all the cords it came with are there. I have the original box, the necessary manuals, and a nice case that can hold the printer, manuals, and camera. Could I get away with 50$ for the two things? Any other suggestions?

The Camera is low end, compared to any newer camera, I’d say you could get it to sell for $20.

The printer however, is probably worth more than the camera. If it is portable, you may even be able to sell it for more.

I’d say $50 is about right.

If they ask for them separate I’d say $40 for the printer $30 for the camera. That way you have some room to haggle.

Canon Powershot SD1200 IS Camera Case Unboxing