Camera Faux

Camera Faux
Need help with new haircut (pics)?

Anyways, I need help choosing a new haircut, I’m getting it cut in an hour or two and I’m looking for last minute suggestions, I was thinking of maybe a faux hawk, or something along those lines, should I do this or just leave it alone/ trim it? Sorry about the dark pics and expressionless face, the other picture my skin is really flushed from the camera flash, I’m actually fairly tan. I smile a lot but figured it would give a better view of my face if I wasn’t.

Oh, and my hair is normally a little bit less static, but I just got back from longboarding in these pics, and my hair was a little messed up.

rite i think u should straighten ur hair a bit cos it looks curly n maybe get a little trim cos it looks fine as it is

Lebron James taking Pictures #2