Camera Hard Case

Camera Hard Case

Special Event Videography – The kit of basic Video Camera

In life and Special Event Videography, size does matter and is more or less an indication of how prepared, professional and popular they are. Going for a session with a camera the size of a sandwich and a tape spare in your back pocket does not inspire confidence and make the most people to frown at you during close-ups.

As Videographer you not only giving people a final product that you are selling your professionalism and, as such, needs to be able to see teams that do not have and do not know how to use. Want an air of astonishment fell silent as a whip of his kit. This is also true for the videography.

When you purchase your basic kit, try combining equipment that is flexible enough for all your videoing situations. To begin, you need a good camera. If guests in the wedding party has a better camera you go home. Most likely they know and tell your customer. Leave quickly and quietly.

Your camera must be of a professional level. The make and model are a personal choice and I suggest you thoroughly research their options before committing what could be a large sum of money. Online forums and websites specialist will give you all the information you need. Go to production quality and remember you get what you pay for. Outside of his full kit, this should be your biggest investment One piece of equipment.

Need a good external microphone. A lot of internal microphones pick up sounds related to the operation of camera. You do not want a beep in a movie every time you zoom or pan. Also, wear headphones, you need to be able to know what is what is recorded. A lot of ambient noises that are not obvious to you, are indiscriminately recorded by the camera. Beware of motor vehicles machinery, aircraft flying low, muttering to himself and whistling through his nose.

A reliable and easy to build tripod is indispensable. A tripod fluid head is a preferred option and allow you to create constant even shots. They cost more than standard, but it will give your shots a more professional profile. Also, if you have chicken arms and little upper body strength a tripod will allow you to keep shooting as you work the blood back to your fingers.

Of spare parts, spare! Spare batteries, spare tapes, spare balloons, pack a second set of everything, including underwear, because if you stay without some impact there. It has three times the amount of supplies you think you will need. Remember you will shoot five times the amount of footage you really going to use in your final product.

A Hard Case with wheels is also suggested. I prefer the Pelican brand that lets you customize the interior foam ensuring all your precious equipment during transport or throwing in the back of your vehicle during an unscheduled departure. The cases come with a guaranteed lifetime for all types of abuse, except shark bite, bite, bear and small children.

Additional, but also essential to include card accessories white balance, clapperboards confidence and a pen to write to all tapes. As a personal observation also suggested dress for the occasion, that guests know who you are and that you are a professional. Display the logo of your business, in a tasteful way and exude an air of authority. I do not want to hear wedding guests say "The scruffy guy with the little toy camera in pink Floyd t-shirt? … I think it's Ethel's eldest son, he is special …."

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Amanda Nella is a professional videographer who operates her own special event video business in Perth WA. She provides quality documentary style films for parents about their children. She is trained in the field of investigative interviewing. She holds Diplomas in Investigations, SCAn,Stage Production, Computer Programming & Business. Visit her site at Bump2babyFilms

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