Camera Orange

Camera Orange
Pay as you go Orange with camera?

My brother and I are looking to upgrade our 66 year old mother’s pay as you go mobile on orange, but do not want to spend a lot of money on features she will not use. She uses her phone for texting, calling and taking photos. Which phone would you recommend?
Were upgrading as her old phone you cannot see the numbers or letters, she texts using her nails so has worn them off! Also, she has asked for one for her birthday, were just happy to know what to buy her!

If you can reach £68 I would recommend the LG KS360 for your mum. There is a 2MP camera and a QWERTY keyboard, so her texting would be much easier! At a lower price the Sony Ericsson T303 at £29 would be an alternative, probably similar to what she has. Hope this helps

Hidden Camera : Orange run!