Camera Red

Camera Red

Two in a Red Digital Still and Motion Camera System

span style = "font-size: 12pt; font-family:" Times New Roman ""> RED (target = "_blank">) manufacturers of digital Video Camera RED ONE have announced their new camera system called Red Digital Stills and movement of the camera system.

This is not just another video camera, the specifications of high-end sensors promise to rival those of current Digital Slr. As with some other famous camera (Nikon D90, Canon 5D Mark II), digital photography and Digital Video are converging. The configurable system RED is so different. The RED Scarlet and RED Epic sensors can be combined with interchangeable lenses and different media, batteries, recording modules, glasses, etc. The idea is that the camera can be configured and adapted to their needs in many ways. Moreover, as technology advances and new components that are available, it integrated into this system and users will not have to upgrade their cameras large.

In the picture, I'm not sure how the specifications and cost compared to DSLRs. The more megapixels the options are much more expensive than their DSLR counterparts. What we have here is the inverse of a camera like the 5D Mark II. RED System will allow filmmakers to branch into still photography in the Mark II provides photographers the option to try to work some pictures in motion.

RED Digital Cinema modular Scarlet and Epic system allows hard-core A / V enthusiasts start with one of the eight "brains" – Boxes designed to house the hardware image processing, sensor and lens mount piece together the ideal high-end camcorder or a camera in there. Swapping of new components instead of buying a new camera can save you money in the long term. About the Author

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