Camera Sealed

Camera Sealed
Is there a hack to use a webcam as a portable Video Camera?

Has anyone heard of a hack to use a webcam as a portable video camera?

Ideally I’d like to connect a webcam and data storage device that uses pro duo cards or flash cards.

The obvious first choice would be to use PSP and a webcam, but the only option here seems to be to buy the go!cam. Connecting a webcam to a PSP may be possible with homebrew but the information online is not clear.

Are there any other solutions that anyone has heard of? Ideally I’d like a small light setup that I can attach to a rowing shell (like olympic rowing boat). It needs to be light, small, battery powered, and cheaper than the go!cam at about $50.

Putting a laptop in the boat is not an option.

I’ll also need to be able to build waterproof enclosures for it out of plastic plumbing parts or sealed kayaking type storage boxes from MEC.

Thanks in advance


The only way I would think of would be a slug….
A linksys nslu2 with flashed firmware will operate a webcam, noprob and record things onto a hard drive or a flash drive….

The NSLU2 computer is about $20….on ebay…but would require big battery…

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