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Camera Starter Kit

Choosing A Digital Camera – Overview of the 3 main types of Digital Cameras

Choosing a digital camera will be much easier when you look at each of the three types of digital cameras: the Digital Slr, compact cameras (automatic) and chambers Bridge.
This article is an introduction the advantages and disadvantages of each, so you can narrow your choices to the type of camera you want.

Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR)

Digital SLR, also called "digital SLR" are expensive, and until recently were used almost exclusively by professional photographers. Prices have fallen DSLR entry level as the Canon Rebel. However, remember that when you get a digital SLR lenses also have to use. Some digital SLRs come with a basic starter lens so it will be able to start taking pictures immediately. If you want to take some pictures of something far away, you can not just push a button to enlarge the photo, but will have to get a telephoto lens. These come in all sizes to suit different needs photographers. Many photographers also buy the equipment's quality to keep costs down.

One of the great advantages of digital SLR is that telephoto lenses can get that allows you to take a shot of a bird on top of a tree and you will never be able to say that image the bird was so far away. And it is lightning fast! That means you will not miss action shots because the camera took too long to record the image after you press the button trigger.

DSLR also work with advanced accessories like an external flash. Digital SLRs are great for action pictures in situations low light where flash is not permitted or not available.

And because of their larger sensors, can increase the ISO to obtain photographs in places without light enough, but where you need high shutter speed to capture the action. With other types of cameras that can do this because they have smaller sensors and may produce images with ugly grain called digital noise. Digital noise can often be removed with the software, but with the DSLR that never have this problem.

These days, the main disadvantage of a digital SLR is the highest price when compared with other types of cameras.

If you are serious about photography and want to improve your skills, then a digital SLR is the camera for you. Many start with a camera body and lens kit and then add larger lenses over time.

Point and shoot digital cameras (also called compact cameras or automatic)

Digital compacts or point and shoot cameras are more popular in the Western world and for good reason. A covenant is so easy to carry around and can take good quality pictures more than a professional with expensive digital SLR and a bag of lenses has a small, tight tucked in a pocket. (Pocket size Compact Digital cameras are often called subcompacts).

As mentioned earlier, the biggest benefits is their small size compacts and compact. Unlike digital SLRs generally require a small bag of camera gear (if you have a pair of glasses), these cameras can go virtually anywhere place.

And while you can aim and shoot with these cameras, many have all kinds of modes to choose from, and in addition some also give some manual controls such as aperture priority and priority to shutter speed. If you have optical zoom, you can also get some telephoto shots with great too!

Chambers Bridge

These digital cameras bridge the gap between compact cameras and DSLRs. Also are called "prosumer" (a mixture of professionals and consumers).

Almost all cameras have higher price tags bridge that most of the covenants, but smaller than most digital SLRs, much lower if one considers that it is not necessary to add the price tags of the lenses.

Bridge cameras usually have larger sensors and more megapixels than Most Compact digital cameras. With the cameras can increase ISO bridge in a compact but not as high as with a DSLR. If you do not need to take action pictures in low light conditions, then this is probably not a problem for you.

Most bridge cameras have hot shoes to work with the external flash, which means you can take better pictures indoors. Bridge cameras also have movie mode and allow the composition of photos on the LCD. Many are super zoom. Super zoom cameras are the 10x optical zoom 20x ranges. Most bridge cameras have almost or manual controls to digital SLR.

Once you decide what type of camera you want (DSLR, a bridge or compact), select a camera will be much less confusing. So no matter what type of digital camera you get, take the time to learn to use the camera and you are sure to start taking some great pictures.

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Autumn Lockwood is a writer for Your Picture Frames and loves taking pictures. Shop online and see our large picture frame selection in a wide variety of styles and colors like our stylish jeweled picture frames and archival floating picture frames.

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