Camera Strap Canon

Camera Strap Canon
purse into Camera Bag?

Is there anyway of turning your purse into a camera bag?
I don’t usually put much in my purse.
Could I add just alittle padding to it?
I don’t want to buy a camera bag and carry it around, along with my purse.
I’m not too worried about alot of room, just room for batteries and my camera.I have a canon s3. I usually like carrying my camera on a strap, but I’m going to San Francisco and don’t want it just out there. I’m afraid it’ll get stolen or something. I find it alittle inconvienent to place my camera inside a bag especially when you have to be quick for a “kodak moment”, but I’ve been thinking about doing it for safety reasons. Anyways, is this a good idea?

Absolutely! any kind of bag can be a camera bag, just make sure you keep the lens cap on your Canon S3, and also make sure that the back screen doesn’t get scratched, you could wrap it on some bubble wrap! it keeps it protected, and it’s easy to take off for that “kodak moment” And yes if people see you with a camera bag, then they will know there is a camera in it, and try to steal it, but a purses usually have a lot of trash like receipts, and candy wrappers, and credit cards, oh and some pennies, and of course girl accessories like makeup! no one really wants to steal that, so it works as a good disguise! good idea! 😉