Camera Upgrade

Camera Upgrade

How to Make the Most of the Camcorder and Camera Pen

As it is a new fashion choice, you may feel confused about its specific information and eager to know about it. Here, I am ready to share with you my experience. To make further explanation of this fashion accessory, I’d like to make a brief mention of its working theory. Never forget to search it:Multi-function Camcorder pen/ Camere pen/ 2 color light Indicator/4GB in GlobeOffer.

Getting rid of traditional concept, this pen is endowed with Multi-function. Built-in memory unit inside, not only can it be used to writing smoothly, but also be used as a camcorder or a camera. It is the perfect combination of modern high-tech and traditional stationery. The easy operation and delicate appearance together with durability enables this item to be ideal for those who are engaged in business, education, media, judicature, travel, etc.

After a brief introduction of this, you may have got a rough idea about it. Then, I will give you more tips for using this item properly.
1. Photograph Angle
Please hold the pen straightly and steadily and keep the distance of the scene you are shooting above 50cm under the environment with enough light, so as to capture the natural, clear and steady photos or videos.
2. Occasion
As for its precise photographing function, we remind you of using it legally. That is, you should strictly abide by the nation’s related rules, or you will be responsible for it.
3. Software Upgrade
To guarantee the product a better function, the manufacture will upgrade it continuously. The characteristic of this item is that it is convenient for customers to upgrade software. Please get the information and upgrade manners about the latest version.
4. Work Temperature
Please use it in the natural temperature. Never use it in the one that human beings are not adapted to.
5. Work Humidity
Having no waterproof function, this product can only be used in the moisture that suits for human living. Never place it in a damp surrounding.
6. Photograph Light
Please use it in the environment with enough light sources. However, you cannot use the lens facing strong light directly so as to avoid the damage of optics elements.
7. Clean Demands
Never use it in the environment with strong dust. You can use soft cloth to clean the lens.
8. Others
The item belongs to delicate electronic products, thus, strong shock will have a bad effect on its function. Also, you should not use it in powerful magnetic field.

If you can follow the tips mentioned above exactly, then your camcorder and camera pen   will work smoothly and effectively. That is, you can make the most of such kind of camcorder. Let this mini camcorder be your faithful recorder, then you are undoubtedly enjoy a wonderful DV life.

More information about this item:

Key Features:
? Photographing function
? Video and voice recording
? Taking photos
? Writing function
? Mini camcorder lens
? Mini microphone
? 2-color light indicators: yellow, blue
? Replaceable cartridge
? Huge memory: 4GB
-Video file: 352*288 CIF
-Video format: AVI
-Recommended Player: media player supports multi-format such as kmplayer, Mplayer.
-Recording File
-Recommended Player: media player
-Supporting System: windows98/me/2000/xp/2003/vista?mac os?linux
-The subsidiary driver “U-Disk_driver_win98.rar” is needed for installation for Win98.
-Work Hour: 2 hours continuously
-Battery: Polymeric lithium with high capacity
-Charging Voltage: DV-5V
-USB Port: Standard USB
-Software Version: V1.1
-Memory: 4GB

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