Camera Wrist Strap

Camera Wrist Strap
cheap Digital Camera that takes fairly decent pictures?

i have an expensive one but its broken (screen cracked cuz someone pressed on it with their finger and broke it) and want one for a trip im goin on this weekend…i was lookin at walmart, target and walgreens and they have really cheap ones..walgreens has a $13 one!! i know u get what u pay for but all i want is one that takes pictures and i can view them fancy options or anything. i also would like one that i can carry to an amusement park, bar and nightclub so maybe one with a Wrist Strap or sumthin? anyone have any suggestions? i would like to get one under $50!!! thanks in advance 🙂
i dont want a brand new amazing one since im getting my old one fixed..i just cant have it fixed by friday at 9am when im leaving so i want one that i can take with me and will get the job done for as little money as possible 🙂

well, to be honest, it will be hard to find a decent digital camera that is slim and easy to carry for under 50 bucks, unless you get it at a garage sale or its used, or possibly if its a junk brand. Quality does matter, even if its for snapshots, and its smart to stick with the name brands. You have to be more realistic and assume to spend closer to 100-150 bucks for something portable and one that can also take decent pictures. you’ll want at least 4-5 megapixels, anything less and you might as well use your Cell Phone camera, which are horrible…check under cameras for some ideas…dont expect to find much in your price range, unfortunately thats just too low to find anything very good new…

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