Canon Digital Rebel

Canon Digital Rebel

Canon Xsi Rebel – A Great Step For The Point And Shoot Photographer

This is my first DLSR; I stepped up from the canon sd750. I am so happy with the Canon XSi Rebel. All the manual features and customizations are great for the intermediate/advanced photographer.

For those familiar with CHDK for canon cameras, I’ve added that to my sd750. Even with the unlockable manual features with CHDK, a solid dslr blows a point-and-shoot away. The image quality is so much better.

The fact that it is an dslr, changing lens is wonderful. I bought an olympus om to Canon Eos adapter on ebay to use my old olympus lens on the Canon XSi Rebel. Rebel Unfortunately, I haven’t received the adapter yet, but the customization options are limitless. An external flash is also a great and vital add-on.

Overall, I’d recommend this camera to anyone who is looking to step up from a point-and-shoot camera.

Canon XSi Rebel

The camera is almost everything it is proclaimed to be. I am a little disappointed in the speed of the motor. Since I plan to use it mostly for outdoor photography my actual use of the camera has been limited due to the poor weather in the North East this winter. The ordering, processing and shipping procedures were efficient and timely through AMAZON.

Canon XSi Rebel – Wow, Just Get It

I found this product for the best price on Amazon. If you want a Digital Camera and enjoy taking high quality pictures this camera is for you. This camera caters to the beginner and the expert. It is very versatile. The only bad parts about the camera is that you can only use the live picture mode while in the “professional” settings. The lens the camera comes with is somewhat limiting.

I have it and love it, hope to keep if for a very long time!

Canon XSi Rebel – Great Piece of Kit

Had this camera for nearly a month now and getting to know my way around this.
I had a 35mm canon eos300 before and was looking for a digital body to replace the old body. I ended up going for the refurbished Canon XSi Rebel. The great thing is I can still use all my old lenses on the new body, so my 70 to 210 mm and 2 times converter all work great on the new body. Having said that I wanted to go for the new Image Stabiliser 18 -55 which works great especially on low light conditions.

I also had a Speedlite 220EX flash gun with the old body which works great with the new one too, I did need to adjust the exposure in the settings as the photos were coming out a little over exposed with the flash. Other than that this unit is familiar to me coming from the old EOS series into the digital. The other great feature is the rear screen monitoring, especially if you are trying to get photos over a crowd.

For the money, this is a great piece of kit and am very happy to be the proud owner of the new Canon XSi Rebel with IS 18-55mm lens.

Canon XSi Rebel – You Get What You Pay For

Canon has always been the leading brand when it comes to perfection mostly in lens and optics. Police/federal agencies rely on accurate, vivid, perfect picture when their whole department depend on the most. So, they go with certain brand that they know for sure will get the job done. Its simply Canon. Canon XSi Rebel is pretty good for starter SLR folks. Its light weight but little bulky feel to it. Wish they had more lenses for this model.

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