Canon Eos Dslr

Canon Eos Dslr

The Canon Eos 500D, versatile and affordable

The Canon EOS 500D is the latest model of high-resolution cameras to hit the market. There are several interesting features in the 500D that make it a solid choice for photography beginner to expert. It has an amazing set of features combined with a very low price tag, making it a must buy for 2009.

The Canon EOS 500D is similar to the EOS 5D Mark II, and shares some features like movie mode, Live View and DIGIC 4 processor is more robust. Like their "Other Canon primes (x Rebel Rebel Xsi), the Canon 500D uses SDHC storage media instead of Compact Flash. Compact Flash used to be the gold standard formats, storage media for electronic handheld devices. SDHC or Secure Digital High Capacity is rapidly taking form in the storage market labor electronics as the new standard for storage of media.

The Canon EOS 500D Digital Slr is the most recent be offered by Canon. digital SLR technology is preferred by professional photographers, providing a more accurate picture frame just before exposure. DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex, a camera technology in which a single lens, a pentaprism mirror and mechanical systems to provide quality optimal image. The Canon EOS 500D is similar formats as traditional 35mm camera that many professional photographers began using. That is partially the reason Many professionals prefer the Canon EOS 500D in other Digital Cameras.

The Live View function is also very attractive to those in the camera market digital. Live View allows users to see objects on the screen, which is a 3-inch LCD as a viewfinder. This feature allows users greater flexibility in still photography, and in view of the subjects in a one on one screen is easier to see through the aperture of the camera.

Overall, the Canon EOS 500D is a solid entry level digital Slr Camera.

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