Canon Eos Lens

Canon Eos Lens
Why do pictures get blurry when I zoom the kit lens on my Canon Eos 450D?

I bought my new Canon 450D with kit lenses. When viewing on my viewfinder, it seems ok but when zoomed, it seems blurry and when I take pictures, it doesn’t seem as sharp as my former shots w/ a point and shoot.

Hmm. Could be a couple of things.

Is there a chance that you turned off your autofocus? There is a switch on the lens, and it is either AF or M. Should be AF.

Is there a chance your autofocus point (the red dot in the viewfinder) is not on the subject you want to have in focus?

Last, it might be that you are taking a picture with too slow a shutter speed. Your lens is a variable aperture. What might give you a decent shutter speed at 18mm (when you are at F3.5) might give you too slow a shutter when you zoom and perhaps the aperture goes to F5.6.

It will help if you can frame the photo, press the shutter half way, and let people know what the shutter and aperture are. Also, what mode are you shooting in (P, Av, Tv etc) and what is your ISO. Sorry, that’s a lot of info but it helps to diagnose the problem

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