Canon Eos Rebel

Canon Eos Rebel
What Lens Should I Buy For My New Canon Eos Rebel Xti?

I recently purchased a Canon Eos Rebel XTi (the body + the equipment), but no lens came with it. This is my first Slr Camera, and I want to know – which lens is the best lens to start out with? Thanks, Alex.

I bought three Canon Digital Rebel cameras. Mine, one for my wife and granddaughter. I love mine.

I have several lenses for my Rebel, but the two that I end up using are the:

18-55mm Wide angle and,
75-300mm Telephoto

With those two lenses (which zoom from the low number to the high number) you can cover almost the entire range from 18mm (very wide) to 300mm (very telephoto).

EBay has great prices on these lenses, far less than a camera store. I went with the slightly more expensive IS (Image Stabilized) lenses that compensate for shake when you are shooting handheld images.

My wife is taking a lot of bird pictures at our feeders. I wanted to be able to get even closer shots, but I didn’t want to spend hundreds, or thousands, of dollars for a the “L” style lenses. What I ended up buying was a Quantaray 2X DG Teleconverter for Canon which doubles my lens to 150-600mm. I do see some image quality loss, but not enough to bother me. I paid $25 for the converter, but it would have been several hundred for a “Canon” solution in “L” lens and Converter to do the same thing.

Good luck and great shooting!


Unboxing: Canon Eos Rebel T2i