Canon Eos Slr

Canon Eos Slr

Canon Eos 50D

Hot on the heels of years of age a 40D, the Canon EOS 50D is a perfect replacement or upgrade to the semi professional DSLR, boot and healthy step towards a professional body.

It is almost identical to the 40D vunderkind, but only outside. The imaging device dramatically increased in combination with a lot of extras top means extra lenses sold his family will serve better than ever.

One of the most notable highlights include an ISO range of 100-12800 incredibly robust bringing the Canon according to the Nikon equivalent. The LCD also has doubled 640×480 resolution, a fundamental improvement in the 40D that made clear the deck and control almost impossible. The new display combines with improved display characteristics Live make this camera a completely different experience than the 40D. The list of technical improvements is long and impressive and includes very complete everything from a new processor HDMI port.

If for any reason you are not compelled to give this piece sturdy and beautiful game to some n00b member family, which is the code for 'me photography is a motherboard Rustie Hollywood is a secret weapon called the CA bit mode. Creative Auto shooting mode or more idiot-mode allows point and Easily click your R21k SLR. From here you can move two sliders to adjust nice background blur (openness) and brightness (exposure). There are also six different styles of shooting will change battery settings and give completely different and sometimes stunning photographic styles.

Passing noobhood past or dare we say to read the manual, you will notice that many of the advanced features and manual settings have also been improved and adjusted. The megapixel war seems to be coming to an end with the features and the price is the battlefield of the future. It is for this reason that the Nikon D90 $ 1500 geotagging GPS and high-definition video, and Canon's age prematurely.

With a price reduction is good, sacrifice bells and whistles for the best image quality Canon promises, but until then, this camera is just for fanboys lens collections and trust funds.

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