Canon Eos Xsi

Canon Eos Xsi

Canon Rebel Xsi – Great Camera, Nice Lcd, Good Software, Easy Pc Integration

Not much I can say here that others haven’t already said, I’m just adding my vote to a well thought-out and functioning camera. Canon has been taking accolades for their Digital Camera line for years, and this model continues to be a joy to use and own. I’m super critical of tech stuff as I’m a 27 year tech-head veteran.

Battery life is very good and memory is cheap compared to what it was. I would stick with a Class 4 or Class 6 Sdhc Memory Card.

While not a professional photographer, from the technical aspect of combining this unit with a PC and their software, they’ve provided a nice solution. The software is fairly decent, not the best, but does the job. Bundle it with Adobe Lightroom or just a simple Google Picasa and you are good to go with managing your photos.

Both Lightroom and Picasa can view the RAW images and touch-up with this file format is exceptional. The Camera Window software and bundled utilities allows you to use a laptop to control the camera and settings, preview images on a larger screen, and instantly store into RAW/JPG file formats to disk. This is a big bonus when in a studio environment.

Their Zoombrowser image viewer is very functional and usable. While I’m now using Picasa and Lightroom to manage the images, Zoombrowser is certainly capable for any novice to intermediate user.

I use a 50mm lens, 18-200mm IS lens, and 580II flash as my primary equipment. The only thing I could imagine getting next is a L series lens.

Canon XSi Rebel

I’m not a professional photographer, but I enjoy taking pictures and wanted something more than a point and shoot camera. Let’s say that I’m a professional amateur. This camera, when you take the time to learn about its features it’s a great piece of equipment and can yield pretty good results. The manual is easy to go through, but I recommend anyone who buys the Canon XSi Rebel also to buy the book: The Canon XSi Rebel/450D Companion – Learning How to Take Pictures You Love With the Camera You Have. I’m sure you’ll get satisfied and will be using the full potential of this camera.

Canon Rebel Xsi – Great Camera

Just purchased the camera and found it to be everything I wanted, and more. Have been using 35 mm cameras for years, as well as the Digital Cameras. This is a great step above the standard point and shoot cameras, and is very easy to operate and to take advantage of the upgrades. Very easy to use, fantastic photos, especially when using some of the software options out there like PhotoShop. Took over 600 photos while down in Savannah this past month and love the idea of framing the photos while shooting. Highly recommend the camera and can’t wait to get a telephoto lense. Wish I would have purchased this as well, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. Looking to upgrade with the 55-200mm lense next. The battery lasts forever!

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