Canon Eos

Canon Eos
Can a Canon Eos SLR Film Camera use Canon Digital Slr lenses?

I’ve got an older 35 mm Canon Eos Slr. I’m seeing a lot of the 28-135mm zoom lenses on sale that come with the Canon 40D Digital Cameras. Can I use that lens on my film camera?

You sure can. All EF lenses can be used on both film and digital Canon cameras. The only lenses that your film camera can not use are the EFs lenses these are designed specifically for the cropped sensors on DSLR cameras. For instance many DSLR cameras come with a EFs 18-55mm lens. This would be the equivalent to the EF 28-90mm lens that comes with many film cameras.

The reason why Canon produces these EFs lenses is that because of the cropped sensor (smaller than 35mm film) the field of view is magnified by 1.6

This is great for a telephoto lens. Your 200 mm lens becomes a 320mm lens. On the wide angle end you lose out. This is why Canon has lenses like the EFs 18-55 mm and the EFs 10-22mm.

Bottom line make sure it is an EF lens and not an EFs lens and you will have no problems.

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