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Canon Fuji Kodak

3 Steps to Easily Recover photos from the memory card

People use a lot of Digital Camera today. In fact, the truly Digital Photo is a good way to record and remember the wonderful moments that experience throughout their lives. Unfortunately, these precious memories are easy to lose, no matter which store on your PC or simply left in your memory card from the camera. In a digital camera, the photos are damaged due to the memory card being pulled out while the camera was on, lost because of the media used between different cameras, the format is not intentional, accidental file deletion or corruption system of the storage media. In order to restore everything memorable moments, you need to recover lost photos from memory card.

Most of the time, as long as your memory card is not physically damaged, recovery photo lost on their own will not be a big problem. Just 3 steps, then you can not miss the photos again.

Step 1: Stop using This memory card

The reason that you can recover lost photos from memory card is that the memory card is like a hard drive of your camera or other devices, deleted or lost after an image or multiple images, the memory will not delete the file from body image and simply left as is. The photos just disappear from the list of files. So there's a good chance you can recover lost photos. Due to a memory card is a rewritable medium, all or some of the photos might have been overwritten. Therefore, do not write to the memory card you need to retrieve the photos until all options to recover lost photos have been exhausted.

Step 2: Select a Recovery Software Photo Good

To recover lost photos for yourself, you must use a good photo recovery software. First see if this software is compatible with the camera. Most recovery software photo available on the market works with the most popular cameras such as Sony, Kodak, Nikon, Panasonic, Canon, Fuji, Olympus and Sigma. To see if you're buying is compatible with the cameras mentioned above or not.

The second is that the software of photo recovery must be able to recover deleted / lost photos from memory, flash cards, digital cards, MMC cards, SD cards and mini discs. The one is point of purchase must be able to do the same.

Step 3: Make Photo Recovery Process

Once you choose the recovery tool on the right, you can start taking pictures recovery process. Most photo recovery software is very easy to use because they are designed for users without knowledge of recovery. Here I got Wondershare recovery photo of an example to show the full recovery process is very simple really.

First connect the camera to a computer using a USB cable. If the camera does not appear as a drive letter, you can use an external Usb Card Reader to read this memory card. After inserting the card, you must recognized as a drive letter in My Computer. " Here's how to use the software to recover lost photos from your memory card.

With recovery software, you only need a couple of free clicks to complete the recovery. Select the memory card and a target disk, scan the entire disk and you can see a preview of all recoverable pictures on the memory card. Then buy the full version of this software, you can easily recover all photos lost memory card.

About the Author

This author is a student in Winston Collage who has great interests in System Security and regularly writes for Wondershare Data Recovery and Wondershare Photo Recovery.

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