Canon Ixus

Canon Ixus

Canon Digital Ixus 900ti Digital Camera

Canon Digital Ixus 900Ti model comes from the Digital IXUS series. It features the latest technology features. Now bring the world into your albums with this compact piece of electronic imaging device.

It features a truly stylish design. Canon Digital IXUS 900Ti digital camera is a Compact Camera with a modern look. The material used for creating this camera is strong yet light. It has titanium housing. The weight of Canon Digital IXUS 900Ti camera is 165 grams. The camera is very comfortable to hold.

The controls of Canon Digital IXUS 900Ti digital camera are user friendly and logically placed. The optical viewfinder is in the middle of the lens. The shutter button is off centre, thus it becomes easy to operate. The optical and Digital Zoom can be operated by the ring surrounding the Shutter Release Button. The compartment for the memory card and the Lithium Ion Battery is next to the tripod mount. The compartment can be closed securely due to a small plastic lid. A tiny LED emits a light for as long as the camera is activated.

Key features
It has a resolution of 10.0 megapixels. The resolution is strong enough to give clear and bright pictures. It features an ultra-compact 3x optical zoom lens coupled with Canon’s new DIGIC III image processor. The latest advanced Noise Reduction technology and the Face Detection are the key features of Canon Digital IXUS 900Ti camera. Thus, Canon 900 Ti stands out among the top digital camera models. The internal memory of Canon Digital IXUS 900Ti camera works faster thanks to The DIGIC III image processor. This improved performance is due to DDR-SDRAM memory. The camera also supports PictBridge.

The large format screen of 2.5 inch LCD takes up most of the space. The monitor features a high resolution of 230,000 pixels. The control centre of the Canon Digital IXUS 900Ti is both clear and user-friendly. Canon Digital IXUS 900Ti uses a resolution of 3648 x 2048 pixels for the wide-angle images. The Canon Ixus 900Ti offers an extensive range of ISO values, which run from 80 onwards till 3200 ISO. The image quality of the canon IXUS 900Ti is excellent. The color saturation and clarity of objects is outstanding. ISO 800 proves to suffer from a certain degree of negative noise effects.

The IXUS concept is for the modern photographer. There are not too many manual controls which makes it very easy to operate. The Canon Digital IXUS 900Ti is without question a typical IXUS camera. Although a simple, effortless operation is the most important thing, leave no doubt about the fact that there is much more to a camera than looks alone. To know more visit-


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