Canon Kiss

Canon Kiss
Nikon D80 or Canon Eos Digital Rebel xSi / Kiss X2 (EOS-450D)?

Hello and thank you very much for your time answering my question. Please tell me which is better camera, Nikon D80 or Canon Eos Digital Rebel Xsi / Kiss X2 (EOS-450D). I like Nikon D80 because it can take 3 frames per second and it have 10.2 MP. Canon EOS-450D have 12.2 MP, but someone told me it doesn’t have image stabilized and I don’t know if Nikon has that or not.

Thank you again for your help.


Look at the cameras for the features that will suit you.

If the number of available lenses, new and used is important Nikon has the most, followed by Canon.

The Nikon D80 is a step above the entry level Canon you are considering.

On pixel count:

On customer satisfaction:

On stabilization:

Neither Nikon nor Canon has image stabilization on their cameras. Both camera companies use the much more accurate method of stabilizing the camera/lens combination within the few lenses where stabilization is necessary. There are times when IS can introduce just enough shutter lag that shooting action or sports, using a lens without VR or IS preferred.

Canon eos kiss x4(rebel T2i,eos 550D) &Tamron18-270mm(f3.5-6.3)