Canon Minidv Digital

Canon Minidv Digital
MiniDV Camcorder – How to transfer movies to computer?

I want to buy the Canon miniDV camcorder. I want to be able to transfer the videos onto my laptop but im not sure if it comes with the cables/other equiptment to allow me to do so. Also do you need to buy any more equiptment eg a memery stick/tape for it to work? Please note that i know little about camcords. thanks 🙂

Here is the information on the canon website on this camcord

ALL miniDV tape based camcorders connect to a computer using a firewire cable to connect the camcorder’s DV port to the computer’s firewire port. If your computer does not have a firewire port, hopefully it has an available expansion slot so you can add one.

PCMCIA cards for some laptop computers are cheap – ExpressCards for some laptops are pricey. You did not tell us which computer so we have no way to know for sure…

USB will not work and is used only for transferring stills from the memory card. USB-firewire converter/adapter/cable-things will not work for transferring DV format video from the MiniDV tape.

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