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Canon Nikon Kodak

Canon Xsi Rebel – Awesome Camera

My daughter and I have been wanting to get a DSLR for several years but were always concerned about the price for the resolution we were seeking. The Canon XSi Rebel is lightweight, comfortable handling, and at 12.2 mp it has the quality image we have been seeking. My daughter shot over 300 picture on Christmas as we visited various members of the family. She was even able to capture some awesome sunset images while driving in the car with the image stabilization feature.

Canon XSi Rebel – Fun

For my budget, and my ability as a photographer, this camera has been a lot of fun to shoot!

It is capable of taking excellent shots, but I have to remember to alter the settings.
I bought a telefoto lens for close ups, as the 55mm doesn’t quite do it for me.
My arm get’s a work out, because I was so used to my rinky dink Kodak, but I’m sure I could use the muscles!

I’m quite pleased with my purchase so far. I have a lot to learn about the fascinating world of photography, and this is a great camera to begin my lesson with.

Canon XSi Rebel – Great entry Level DSLR

I purchased this as a christmas gift for my husband. Technically speaking, I bought this to replace his Rebel XT. Light weight and thus easy to carry around. Great for people with smaller hands or those who don’t want to lug a heavy Camera Bag around. The sensor dust removal system is definitely a welcomed feature. It records accurate colors, just like the Rebel XT. Excellent price performance.

Canon XSi Rebel – What a Deal

I am a relative newbie to the Digital Camera scene. I bought a Canon Powershot 720 is from Amazon last May and I got hooked. I waited for the prices to come down on the Canon XSi Rebel and ordered mine in late December from B&H Photo.

Wow! I am having a lot of fun with it! Easy, intuitive and great pics… even with the kit lens. I also tried it out with the canon 50mm f/1.8 and it was sharp both outdoors and in. With a fast lens you can capture some nice action shots. I have posted a few photos here at Amazon that I recently snapped on the beach at Port Aransas.

I have not tried all the features yet, e.g., the custom WB feature, but the ISO settings and exposure settings are easy to find and set. There is a custom menu option called ‘My Menu’ that you can create to keep your 5 favorite settings easily accessible.

It would be nice to be able to access the picture quality settings, such as the sharpness setting, using a button or at the top level of a menu, but at this price I am not going to complain!

I have taken over 350 high resolution JPGs so far without having to recharge the battery. The viewfinder is adequate – certainly better than a lot of other cameras I have used. Live view is still problematic in Digital Slr, so don’t expect what you find in a point and shoot. The LCD is nice, but not even close to the nice LCDs on the Nikon D90 and D300. However it is certainly adequate – even outside on a sunny winter day.

The WB does seem suspect indoors regardless of the setting – but that is a common fault of dslr cameras.

The 18-55 IS lens that comes with the kit is no slouch either. I definitely recommend getting the kit. In fact, the 2 lens kit is a great bargain right now at Bh & Adorama.

The only negative so far is a a single spot of dust on the sensor that won’t come off with the camera’s self-cleaning system. It appears in shots of the sky.

All in all this is one great camera and kit lens. At the price, it just can’t be beat.
Highly recommended!

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