Canon Nikon Minolta

Canon Nikon Minolta
What are the newest 35mm Slr Cameras from the top brands.

The names of the newest 35mm SLR cameras from…

Thanks in advance.

Nikon is basically out of the 35mm SLR race. It’s still producing the F6 and FM10.

Canon still lists the EOS-1v, EOS ELAN 7NE, Eos Rebel T2, and EOS Rebel K2 on their website but these have been out for a while now. The company claims to offer continued support for their cameras but have hinted at the possibility of a pull-out.

Sony never made SLRs.

Olympus was out a while ago. Its last SLRs were the OM-3Ti and the OM-4T/Ti.

Minolta is no longer in the camera business.

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